DIN, Ford, & Zahn Cups

9852 #4 DIN Cup
To measure low to mid solids automotive coatings. Viscosity range of 20-260 centipoise. Made of aluminum. No calibration available for this cup.
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#4 Ford Viscosity Cup
Similar size cup and orifice as an original #4 Ford cup to measure medium solids coatings such as high solids clears, waterbase coatings. Plastic material with a brass orifice, replaces 97-9101. No calibration available for this cup.
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Viscosity Cup
Generic chrome plated brass cup with stainless handle. Handle swivels and the orifice size is 3.63mm and cup colume is 50cc. Efflux time with water is 7.5 seconds. We suggest using with coatings between 300 and 600 centipoise.. No calibration available for this cup.
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Optional calibration for Zahn Cups start at $247.00 plus the price of the Zahn Cup.
VI-2102 #2 Signature Zahn Viscosity Cup
To measure coatings such as lacquers, enamels and clears up to 35 seconds. Viscosity range of 10-100 centipoise.
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VI-2103 #3 Signature Zahn Viscosity Cup

To measure high solids coatings from 30 - 60 seconds such as polyurethane, polyesters and pigmented waterbase coatings. Viscosity range of 180-500 centipoise.
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VI-2104 #4 Signature Zahn Viscosity Cup

To measure very high solids coatings from 400 - 1100 centipoise.
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Apollo Viscosity Meter

Closer to a Zahn #1 than a #2 Zahn, P/N A5249
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Pocket Microscope

Ideal for trouble-shooting defects in your finish. Only with magnification will you be able to positively identify the source of the problem. Plastic lense power 30X with illumination and case. Requires 2 AA batteries which are not incluled, P/N MW10084.
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